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ginger cake

ginger cake

a very simple ginger cake recipe. no icing, no candied orange peel or candied lemon peel!

perfect for breakfast, or for the afternoon with a nice cup of tea.

the honey replaces the sugar, and there's no butter. don't hesitate to use a "strong" honey if you like those kinds of honey (pine tree or chestnut ones). a flowers' honey will be a little more subtle, with less strong flavours.

we usually make two of this: one is gone within the day, and the other one lasts for one or two mornings after!

for one cake:

250 g honey

125 g all-purpose flour

125 g wholewheat flour

2 tbsp baking powder

50 g almond powder

10 cl milk

1 egg

1 tbsp orange zest

2 tbsp orange juice

1 tbsp gingerbread spices blend

preheat the oven to 170°C (338 F).

butter and flour a baking pan.

in a saucepan, heat gently milk and honey. bring to the boil and remove from the heat.

in a large bowl, mix flour, baking powder, almond powder, spices, and orange zests. add little by little the milk-honey mixture. mix until combined. add the orange juice, and add finally the egg. mix until smooth.

bake for about 40-50 minutes, until a knife comes ouy clean. 40 minutes is enough for a baking pan such as the one used for the cake on the picture. 50 minutes should be fine for a loaf pan.

piece of advice:

  • we actually use 2 different spices blends from the french brand "hediard"for this recipe: 1/2 tbsp gingerbread spices blend (green anise, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, badiane, pepper black, nutmeg, sweet chili pepper, cloves, coriander), and 1/2 tbsp 4 spices blend (pepper, nutmeg, whole clove, cinnamon). we find the green anise a bit too strong with only gingerbread spices blend. just do with what you have, and what you prefer! of course, you can also make your own spices blend

  • if you don't have wholewheat flour, just use all-purpose flour instead

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