paléo festival 2015

a few weeks ago, we (m. & s.) went to the paléo festival in nyon (between lausanne and geneva), switzerland. it is one of the biggest open-air music festival in europe.

we've attended this festival every year for 6 years now, and it's always one of the highlights of our summer! over the years, we had the chance to see amazing concerts such as franz ferdinand, crosby stills and nash, james blunt, milow, stromae, indochine, vanessa paradis, and many others.

the first years, we went there the three of us, then a. got in med school in berlin, and unfortunately the festival always takes place during her exams revisions. so now it's just us, m. & s.!

we love paléo so much. we come here for the music of course, but also for the atmosphere.

first of all, you can see people from all generations, lots of young people, but also lots of families (with little ones wearing kids headphones of course!) and older people.

the food is great (a bit expensive, but that's switzerland). each year a region of the world is highlighted, and an entire part of the festival area is completely dedicated to it: food, concerts, shops... this year it was "l'extrême orient" (the far east), so we ate great food, we saw beautiful costums and colors, and we heard some original music!

you can find specialties from all over the world everywhere else in the festival, from mexican and indian food to french pâtisserie and fish & chips, with of course swiss specialties like the amazing and unrivaled hot fondue sandwich (you can know more about this by watching the video).

so as you can imagine, food is THE reason why we go to paléo (just kidding, there's also the music...when we're not eating!)!

this year was the 40th anniversary of the festival, so it lasted 7 days instead of 6, to the delight of the festival-goers.

we were there on monday and on wednesday. the first day was great: it was the opening day of the festival, the sun was shining, we ate swiss frozen yoghurt... it was perfect! more than perfect actually, as we saw robbie williams on stage, and gosh he was good! and funny!

our second day there was a bit less perfect weatherly speaking. it was raining cats and dogs, storm and everything. sting sang "heavy clouds rain" nonetheless, in the pouring rain, along with some major titles of his and of the police. we already saw him on stage at paléo a few years ago and we had such a good time. sting was as good as the first time we saw him, with the addition of a beard...! we almost forgot about the rain!

and we were quite impressed by the british singer passenger, who gave a beautiful show, just him and his guitare.

thank you paléo for being so much fun, see you next year!

here's a video of our two days there (the quality and the framing are not as good as we wanted them to be, sorry about that) :

and here's a few pictures:

we even got to play dress up at the bcv bank booth, and we got our look immortalized on a tshirt!!

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