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yoghurt, white chocolate and citrus fruit salad verrines

yoghurt, white chocolate and citrus fruit salad verrines

a simple, fresh dessert, with nice and sunny flavours! perfect for a lunch under the sun!

we love the texture of this dessert: the white chocolate and yoghurt mixture brings some sweetness and creaminess.

and the citrus fruit salad on top is a cheerful way to use the last citrus fruits of the season!

serving 6:

300 g white chocolate

700 g yoghurt

1/2 tsp orange blossom water

5 clementines

4 oranges

1 grapefruit

2 tbsp olive oil

12 fresh mint leaves

flaked almonds

toast the flaked almonds in the oven at 190°C (374 F) until they turn slightly gold (this shouldn't take more than a few minutes. be careful not to burn them, it can go very quickly once the oven is hot).

melt the white chocolate using a bain-marie (hot-water bath), then add the yoghurt and the orange blossom water. mix until smooth.

pour the white chocolate-yoghurt mixture into verrines (glass cups).

keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

prepare the citrus fruit salad.

using a sharp knife, cut at the same time the peel and white pith from the clementines, oranges and grapefruit. remove the juice (meaning "drink it"!), and keep only the peeled segments.

add the olive oil and 6 mint leaves, finely chopped.

keep in the fridge.

before serving, place the citrus fruit salad on the chocolate-yoghurt mixture.

decorate each cup with a mint leaf.

piece of advice:

  • be careful with the orange blossom water: if you put too much of it, it will overshadow all the other flavours. 1/2 tsp is really the maximum amount for us. and if you don't like it that much, don't put any at all!

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