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light, crispy waffles

light crispy waffles

the secret to have light waffles, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside? egg whites of course! more precisely, beaten egg whites! it takes 5 more minutes to beat them, and it is really really worth it.

waffles are so great. they can be savoury (with some comté cheese, a delight!), sweet, hot or cold, and you can have them at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. and in-between also!

plus, you make them with basic ingredients, that you almost always have in your kitchen.

this is a simple recipe, for simple (and delicious!) waffles. if you want more complex ones, don't hesitate to add extra ingredients to the mixture, spices, cocoa, roasted almond,...

for about 10-15 waffles:

500 g all-purpose flour, sifted

3 tbsp sugar

3 eggs (yolks and whites separated)

80 g melted butter

1/2 liter water

1/2 liter milk

a pinch of salt

in a large bowl, place flour, salt, sugar, egg yolks and water. mix until combined.

add then the melted butter and mix for about 10 minutes (easy if you have a robot, otherwise, well...hope you have good arms!).

add the milk and mix.

in another bowl, beat the egg whites and add them gently to the previous mixture. it's ok if the egg whites are not thoroughly incorporated.

keep this mixture in the fridge until using it.

piece of advice:

  • to grease your waffle iron, we recommend using coconut oil. from hair to waffle iron, this oil is magical! you won't actually taste it while eating the waffles, but it's so good for the health!

  • you can replace the milk (or just half of it) by white wine or beer, to end up with even crispier and more flavourful waffles

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