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dark chocolate and pepper cream, matcha whipped cream

dark chocolate and pepper cream, matcha whipped cream

we continue our matcha recipes with this super healthy green tea full of benefits! and this time, we combine it with dark chocolate and...pepper!

the matcha is quite subtle, as is the pepper. and the three flavours work perfectly together!

this recipe is very easy to make, you just have to think of making it in advance, because the cream has to be kept in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

don't hesitate to put more pepper if you really want to have this spicy aftertaste. if you're not a dark chocolate lover, you can add more sugar to offset the bitterness of the chocolate. or you can use a chocolate with a lower percentage of cacao.

also, don't put too much cream in the glasses, otherwise it may become stodgy.

it's important to make matcha whipped cream just before serving, otherwise it might sink (like it did with ours, as you can see on the picture!).

for 6 to 8 glasses (depending on the size):

adapted from "desserts des jours heureux", by guillemette auboyer

for the crèmes:

250 g dark chocolate, finely chopped (70% cacao)

250 g milk

250 g liquid cream

4 egg yolks

40 g caster sugar

1 tsp black pepper

for the whipped cream:

80 g whipping cream

1 tsp icing sugar

1 tsp matcha

in a bowl, whisk together egg yolks and caster sugar.

bring milk and cream to a simmer, remove from heat and pour into the previous mixture. mix until combined.

pour yolk/cream mixture back into the saucepan over medium heat. stir constantly until mixture thickens and coats a spatula (this should take 5-6 minutes).

place chocolate and pepper in a bowl, and pour previous hot mixture over it. mix until mixture is smooth and combined.

place cream into the glasses, and keep at least 2 hours in the fridge before serving.

just before serving, prepare matcha whipped cream: place in a bowl whipping cream, icing sugar and matcha. whip the mixture into whipped cream.

using a pastry bag, pipe matcha whipped cream on the chocolate cream in the glasses.

serve right away!

piece of advice:

  • if chocolate/hot cream mixture isn't smooth, you can blend it for a few seconds using a blender

  • you can replace the pepper with espelette pepper (piment d'espelette)

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