"derborence, le mot chante doux; il vous chante doux et un peu triste dans la tête" C.F. Ramuz

[derborence, the word sings sweetly, it sings sweetly to you and a little sadly in the head]

last week, the three of us went hiking in derborence with family and friends.

derborence is a small village located in the canton of valais, in switzerland. the valley of derborence is a gorgeous place, wild and beautiful: it's surrounded by mountains (well, we're in the alps!), it has a lake (which was formed in the 18th century after two landslides) and even a virgin forest!!

it's usually a very popular place in summer, but as we went on a thursday it wasn't really crowded.

we approximately had a two and a half hour drive to derborence, so we left early morning. the up mountain road from aven to derborence is a bit tricky, but it ended up being fun! just close your eyes when you encounter a car :D and pray you won't come face to face with the postbus! luckily, there's an information panel with the 10 minutes time windows (only twice a day) when the bus is actually on this road. so of course in this case you're supposed to wait before driving into the road!

one of the greatest thing about derborence (beside the scenery!), is that you don't have to be a great hiker to enjoy the place. there's something for everyone, from dayhikes to overnight backpacking trips. and if you don't really enjoy hiking, you can just walk along the lake, in the virgin forest and enjoy the scenery!

here are a few photos!

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