autumn fair and cow bell market

October 18, 2015

yesterday we (m. & s.) went to the locally famous "foire d'automne et bourse aux sonnailles" of romainmôtier, switzerland.

it's an annual rendez-vous that a. loves, but berlin is a bit too far to make the return journey only for the weekend! fortunately we took lots of pictures to share!


the fair takes place just outside romainmôtier, a small cluniac village and one of the most beautiful places we know! the romanesque abbey church (the oldest in switzerland) was built by cluny monks in the 10th century. romainmôtier is such a peaceful and beautiful place! if you ever visit this part of switzerland, it's really a place to plan on your intinerary!


we were stunned to see so many people at the fair this year. it was crowded, but still very enjoyable.

there were a lot of different producers, and lots of things to see!

it was very "couleur locale" as we say in french: swiss charcuterie and cheeses, cow bell concert, swiss paper cutting, local people, culinary specialties... well, you get the spirit! all this in a rustic and warm setting, and a friendly atmosphere! oh, and of course mulled wine (in case you're wondering what s. is drinking on a picture below... it's not orange juice!)!


so here are a few pictures:



































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