5 great places to eat in berlin

we love visiting a. in berlin: the atmosphere of the city is fantastic, people are so nice and...the food is great (which is a big criteria for us haha)! the city is in constant evolution and great new places open every week! besides, a. is able to try them before and then take us to the best ones!

so last week we went to berlin for a few days and these are the best places we visited during our stay. of course, there are many many many more great places we missed, so we're saving them for our next visits!



liebenwalderstrasse 11 - 13347 berlin

price: pizzas from 4,5 to 9€

these pizzas may be the best we've ever had! the crust is crispy, and the tomato sauce is absolutely delicious. simple (we didn't notice any oregano or basilico, just very good tomatoes), and delicious. the pizzeria is located in a residential street in the wedding area. pizzas are about the only thing on the menu (except for a focaccia which looks delicious!)...well, this is a pizzeria after all, and we couldn't be more happy about it!

there are over 20 sorts of pizzas: classics (margherita, quattro fromaggi...) but also special pizzas with aubergines, basilikum, radicchio...

if you're still up for a dessert after this feast, you can always have a pana cotta or mascarpone & nutella calzone!

last thing to mention: these pizzas are very cheap! in france, you can almost never have a pizza for less than 10€, the average price being 14-15€. here, most of the pizzas cost 7€ (and 5€ for the margheritas!). unbeatable quality/price ratio!

buon appetito!

picture below: a. & s. learning from the best! they couldn't take their eyes off the pizza-making process, and s. wanted to know all the secrets to their amazingly crispy crust!



uferstrasse 8-11 - 13357 berlin

price: from 8 to 16€ for a main dish

wedding is not a very touristic area of berlin. it's a shame considering the beautiful things it has to offer! maybe it's for the best though, we would have been very disappointed if we couldn't find a seat in this "restaurant"!

café pförtner is a well-hidden place, in an industrial buildings street. the place is composed of a "classic" restaurant room...and of a bus in the courtyard! this was truly the most original meal we've had in a long time! we went there in the evening, so it was quite cold inside the bus but a small heating system made it ok. the waitress must have thought "crazy french tourists!", since we were the only ones eating in the bus along with a young couple! anyway, this was a great experience, one of the best we had during those few days! we had so much fun!

compared to other places in berlin, the food is quite expensive and there's not much to eat in your plate (well, we love to eat, so it really depends on your eating capacities...;) )

however, it was one of the best meal we had! they use healthy and local products, so the food quality is great!

enjoy the ride!



linienstrasse 132 - 10115 berlin

price: 8€ for the dada mixed plate (a bit of everything on the menu)

dada falafel is located in berlin mitte, not far from the friedrichstrasse, so it's very central. we would say in french that the restaurant "ne paye pas de mine", meaning that it does not seem like much! but they supposably make the best falafels in berlin...and we weren't disappointed at all! yes the falafels are great, but we also tasted lots of other different lebanese specialties and they were just as good!

a band was playing jazz while we were there, which was great besides the fact that it was so loud we could barely hear us talking!

we would recommend you order the dada mixed plate, which is composed of a bit of everything on the menu, a great way to discover lebanon cooking!



johannistrasse 20 - 10117 berlin

price: 10€ for two sandwiches, one soup and one mediterranean salad

we read a lot about this place in various blogs, so we couldn't miss it this time! for our american readers, house of small wonder exists in berlin...but also in brooklyn!

we fortunately went there early for brunch on sunday...by 11am, there was a long queue of people waiting for a seat...!

this place is located in berlin mitte, next to offices buildings... so as you can imagine, the street is quite empty on a sunday morning and you wouldn't think there's such a cosy place in the area!

we fell in love with the staircases, the combination of wood and plants is always a success!

the food is quite good: we all had small sandwiches, a mediterranean salad and a corn soup (which was delicious). it's not amazing food, but it's quite enjoyable and the ambiance is so nice!



rosa luxemburg strasse 2 - 10178 berlin

price: wide range of prices depending on what you take (soups, sandwiches, salads, burgers, omelettes...)

we read somewhere that spreegold was sort of the mcdonald of berlin... well, we disagree! sure, it's a big place with lots of people, and they make burgers for dinner. but they have many other things on the menu that are simple and very good!

the salad, hot sandwich and pasta were great. however we wouldn't recommend the omelettes, which were too "fryied" for people like us used to fluffy, airy omelettes!

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