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flourless chocolate and port cake

a super easy and super delicious chocolate cake. no flour + port = great flavour and texture!

we got the idea of adding port in a chocolate cake from a great italian cookbook called "cuisinez avec mamma mia", filled with anectotes and family souvenirs (and of course great italian recipes!).

you can find at the beginning the most beautiful dedication we've seen in a cookbook: "to my mother and all mothers, who, each day, are doing the impossible to cook for their family, no matter the result".

for one cake:

adapted from "cuisinez avec mamma mia"

200 g good quality dark chocolate (70% cacao)

90 g butter

100 g sugar

3 eggs (yolks and whites separated)

2-3 tsp of port

melt the chocolate with the butter.

when cold, add the sugar and the 3 egg yolks, then the port.

beat the 3 egg whites. whisk 1/4 of the egg whites into the chocolate mixture;

then gently fold in the remaining egg whites.

bake for 20mn at 180°C.

piece of advice:

  • you can eat this cake the same day, hot (right from the oven) or cold; it is also very good the next day after a night in the fridge!

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