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apple festival + caramelized pear and apple cake

last weekend we (m. & s.) ran into an apple festival in switzerland!

we were on our way to see the vines changing colors near the village of champvent when we saw a temporary parking area in the fields. it was at the edge of a small place we love called "saint-christophe". when we asked a boy nearby what was all this about he said "ben c'est la fête de la pomme!" (apple festival, daa!)!

well, we went and we had a great time! it was a small festival with a warm ambience. it was as if everybody knew each other, which was probably the case, as it's a rather small place. people were eating tartes aux pommes and fondues (when in switzerland...!) and kids were playing music. there were apples, pears and pumpkins everywhere!

we were so sad a. was back in berlin and not here with us to see that!

here are a few photos:

wondering what's in those large pots below? some town people were making "raisiné", a thick caramelized syrup cooked down from apple and pear juice. they started cooking this raisiné the evening before, taking shifts overnight to watch it! we tasted it, it was a bit too caramelized for us (almost burnt) but the smell was divine! we've been told it's delicious on top of vanilla ice cream.

one of the greatest surprises of the festival was to see the manor of saint-christophe open for the occasion. this is a gorgeous old house, the kind we would gladly have!

we come here quite often but we've never been able to see the gardens, least of all the inside of the house!

we spied through a hole of a closed door to find the most delicious treasure!

the leaves were just beginning to change color in the swiss vineyards.

caramelized pear and apple cake:

caramelized pear and apple cake

caramelized pear and apple cake

caramelized pear and apple cake

caramelized pear and apple cake

we found so many good apples and pears so far this fall!

we eat apple compote almost everyday, and we don't get tired of it at all!

we also don't get tired of this caramelized pear and apple cake. last weekend we made three in a row! we like eating it for breakfast, lunch, or in the afternoon. and for dinner, a bowl of soup with some bread and a piece of this cake, and that's how it's done here!

it's a simple and moist cake, with no complicated flavors. feel free to change the recipe according to your taste: other spices, reduce flour to add some ground almond...

we like it best when it's still warm, right out of the oven!

for 1 medium cake or 2 small cakes:

for the caramelized pears and apples:

5 apples (medium sized)

4 pears

60 g sugar

20 g salted butter

for the cake:

125 g plain yoghurt

20 g brown sugar

3 eggs

230 g flour

10 g baking powder

100 g liquid cream

1 pinch cinnamon (optional)

preheat the oven to 180°C (356 F).

peel and cut the apples and pears in small pieces.

put the sugar in a saucepan and heat on medium high until the sugar starts melting around the edges. carefully swirl the sugar with a wooden spoon until all of it has melted. when golden, reduce heat to medium, add the butter piece by piece and stir until melted. it doesn't matter if the mixture is not really homogeneous. add then the pear and apple pieces.

cover and let simmer for 10 minutes over medium heat.

in a large bowl, place yoghurt, brown sugar and eggs. whisk until frothy.

add flour and baking powder. whisk until combined.

add liquid cream and cinnamon. whisk until combined. incorporate the pear and apple mixture.

butter and flour a round pan.

bake for about 50 minutes, until a knife comes out clean (depending on the size of the pan you're using, it can be between 45 minutes to 1 hour).

eat warm, right out of the oven!

piece of advice:

  • don't hesitate to put more cinnamon if you really like it, or a pinch of cardamom instead!

  • in this recipe we use both apples and pears, but the cake will be delicious also with only one or the other

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